Effectively Wild Episode 1826: Last Call for Free Agency

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a Reddit description of the podcast, the pleasures of watching spring training games, and the possibly excessive coffee consumption of White Sox DH Gavin Sheets, before discussing the last burst of big free-agent signings, including Carlos Correa’s shocking contract with the Twins, Trevor Story to the Red Sox, Nick Castellanos to the Phillies, Jorge Soler to the Marlins, and Kenley Jansen to the Braves, plus musings on Michael Conforto as the last highly rated free agent remaining, the results of Effectively Wild’s seventh annual free-agent-contract over/under draft, and more.

Audio intro: The Courtneys, “Minnesota
Audio outro: The White Stripes, “One More Cup of Coffee

Link to Reddit podcast comment
Link to Sheets/coffee story
Link to Russell Carleton on the DH penalty
Link to Emma’s Red Bull tweet
Link to Ben on the Correa signing
Link to Ben Clemens on Correa
Link to Lindsey Adler on the Yankees and Correa
Link to Justin Choi on Story
Link to Mike Petriello on the Coors hangover
Link to Purple Row on the Coors hangover
Link to Michael Ajeto on Story
Link to Russell on changing positions
Link to Dan Szymborski on Castellanos
Link to Matt Gelb on Castellanos
Link to Jayson Stark on Philly’s defense
Link to Philly spring training clip
Link to Dan on Soler
Link to Jay Jaffe on Jansen
Link to Jay on Pineda
Link to FanGraphs top 50 free agents
Link to Conforto extension story
Link to contract over/under draft results
Link to FanGraphs playoff odds
Link to FanGraphs transaction roundup
Link to gender-inclusive MLB rules

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