Effectively Wild Episode 1841: The Buxton Bops Here

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the unsealing of the so-called “Yankees Letter” and what, if anything, it revealed about the past prevalence of sign stealing, the end of NPB pitcher Roki Sasaki’s consecutive outs streak and Matt Shoemaker’s bid for perfection, the White Sox’s injury-plagued, disconcerting slump to start the season, Michael Conforto’s season-ending surgery, whether Belli and Yeli (Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich) are or might soon be back to their old selves, further research about the behavior of the baseball and the low-offense start to the season, and whether Ángel Hernández’s subpar plate umpiring has made them converts to the cause of robo umps, plus a Stat Blast (1:03:29) about the significance of the Twins’ record differential with and without Byron Buxton.

Audio intro: Beastie Boys, “An Open Letter to NYC
Audio outro: Billy Bragg, “The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here No More

Link to text of the Yankees Letter
Link to statements on the letter
Link to Jeff Passan’s thread on the letter
Link to SNY report on the letter
Link to Evan Drellich on the letter
Link to The Athletic’s 2020 report
Link to EW narrative episode about sign stealing
Link to latest minor league FA draft
Link to Mike Petriello on Yelich
Link to Thomas Harrigan on Bellinger
Link to Sarris and Rosenthal on the ball
Link to Rob Arthur on the ball
Link to Alan Nathan on the ball
Link to player comments on the ball
Link to Ben Clemens on bullpens and offense
Link to Playoff Odds changes since Opening Day
Link to UmpScorecard for Hernández game
Link to UmpScorecards site page for Hernández
Link to Joe Girardi comments on Hernández
Link to story on Hernández’s lawsuit
Link to video of Schwarber ejection
Link to Passan’s Buxton tweet
Link to Stathead
Link to Stathead query about blowout shutouts
Link to Stat Blast data
Link to Luke Hooper on Buxton
Link to Gonny Jomes EW episode
Link to Gonny Jomes EW wiki page
Link to first Jeremy Frank tweet
Link to second Jeremy Frank tweet
Link to third Jeremy Frank tweet
Link to Kawasaki video

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