Effectively Wild Episode 1842: Do Not Pass First, Do Not Collect a Run

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about MacKenzie Gore and how long a player’s career has to be for something he does to be described as a “career high,” Nick Senzel’s proclivity toward catcher’s interference and the Reds’ ice-cold start, the first-place Los Angeles Angels, the hot starts of Mike Trout, Carlos Rodón, Joe Ryan, Kevin Gausman, and others, the aesthetics of swinging strikes vs. called strikes, the return of Ronald Acuña Jr., a Cardinals-Mets beanbrawl, the Orioles embracing an apparent trend toward catchers setting up over the plate and not varying their targets from pitch to pitch, and whether the zombie runner violates the rulebook, then end by following up on a Stat Blast about Byron Buxton, Mike Squires, and the biggest team record differentials with and without certain players.

Audio intro: Spoon, “Don’t Make Me a Target
Audio outro: The Loud Family, “Spot the Setup

Link to Gore “career-high” headline
Link to Ben Clemens on Gore
Link to catcher’s interference description
Link to catcher’s interference compilation
Link to Jeff on Ellsbury
Link to Jay Jaffe on Trout
Link to tweet about Trout’s swings
Link to Joe Ryan interview
Link to brawl discipline news
Link to Rob Mains on Mets HBPs
Link to Defector on Stubby Clapp
Link to The Athletic on balls getting away
Link to article on Orioles catchers
Link to Matt Brash clip
Link to Rays catchers tweet
Link to Justin Choi on the Orioles bullpen
Link to Justin on throwing it over the middle
Link to Driveline tweet about misses
Link to Raymond’s post about zombie runners
Link to 2021 MLB rulebook
Link to zombie runner in MLB glossary
Link to updated Stat Blast data
Link to Squires Wiki
Link to NBC story on Squires
Link to article on lefty catchers
Link to article on 1915 A’s firesale
Link to Passan’s Buxton tweet
Link to article about Buxton’s part-time role
Link to Neil Paine on Buxton

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