Effectively Wild Episode 1843: I Think You Should Leave

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley react to MLB’s decision to suspend Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer for an unprecedented 324 games, then (22:25) discuss Justin Verlander and Ronald Acuña Jr. looking like their old selves and pitcher Tucker Davidson’s critiques of the minor league pitch clock before answering listener emails about the Cardinals and how to evaluate teams whose pitching approaches seem out of step with the times, skeuomorphs and baseball terminology of uncertain origin, whether batters should be able to decline intentional walks (and whether they would even if they could), when “modern baseball” begins, and more.

Audio intro: Gladys Knight & The Pips, “Go Away, Stay Away
Audio outro: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, “Modern Mystery

Link to ESPN’s news story about Bauer
CW // Link to latest WaPo report about Bauer
Link to MLB DV and sexual assault policy
Link to video of Acuña’s return
Link to Davidson thread
Link to Ben on pitch clocks
Link to Baseball America on new pitch clock
Link to Jeff Passan on new pitch clock
Link to MLB.com story on baseball terms
Link to “in the hole” explainer
Link to “around the horn” explainer
Link to Joe Posnanski on declining IBBs
Link to Lindsey Adler on IKF
Link to Matthews bat flip video
Link to Posnanski on new HoF changes
Link to Jay Jaffe on new HoF changes
Link to Marvel’s sliding timescale
Link to Rob Mains on Mets HBPs
Link to golf story about DECADE

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