Effectively Wild Episode 1848: Shantz Encounter

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about which is more impressive, Reid Detmers throwing a two-strikeout no-hitter or right-handed hitter Anthony Rendon homering from the left side against a position-player pitcher, recount (11:50) the surprisingly long, largely forgotten history of the 20-seconds-between-pitches rule and the pitch clock in pro ball and the big leagues, and assess whether the upcoming introduction of the pitch clock to MLB will work better than a short-lived attempt in 1969, then Stat Blast (58:12) about the hitters and pitchers who performed best against future Hall of Famers, and (1:21:42) cold call 96-year-old Yankees/Athletics legend Bobby Shantz to discuss his incredible life and career.

Audio intro: Genesis, “Counting Out Time
Audio outro: ABBA, “Me and Bobby and Bobby’s Brother

Link to article on Detmers and strikeouts
Link to stats on CGs with fewer than 3 Ks
Link to MLB.com article on Rendon
Link to Ben Clemens on Rendon and Detmers
Link to Manfred’s pitch clock comments
Link to John Thorn on speeding up play
Link to doc with collected pitch clock sources
Link to average pace by season
Link to SI on Charlie Finley’s clock
Link to Ben on Bill Veeck
Link to The Hustler’s Handbook
Link to The Hustler’s Handbook excerpt 1
Link to The Hustler’s Handbook excerpt 2
Link to 1975 story on Veeck’s Pitchometer
Link to Ben on pace and defense
Link to Orioles program page
Link to Stathead
Link to Stat Blast vs. HoFers data
Link to Rob Arthur on pitchers vs. hitters
Link to Mike Fast on pitchers vs. hitters
Link to Jim Albert on pitchers vs. hitters
Link to Cyril Morong on pitchers vs. hitters
Link to list of oldest living players
Link to Shantz’s SABR bio
Link to John Hiller EW episode
Link to Shantz vs. HoFers data
Link to MLB-average heights by year
Link to Stathead short-pitchers leaderboard
Link to Stathead light-pitchers leaderboard
Link to Stathead P/CF games
Link to 1957 WS G2 broadcast
Link to 1960 WS G7 video
Link to Colt 45s opener video
Link to Shantz stem-cell-treatment video
Link to SABRCast Kaat episode
Link to MLB.com story on Kaat and Shantz
Link to pics of Shantz on Shantz Day
Link to more pics of Shantz on Shantz Day
Link to even more pics of Shantz on Shantz Day
Link to photo of Shantz and Bender
Link to story on Shantz’s CF appearance
Link to SABR on Shantz’s no-hit relief game
Link to 14-inning-game article
Link to info on estimated pitch counts
Link to Shantz vs. Maxwell results
Link to Stathead pitcher-hitting leaders
Link to article about Shantz and Dykes
Link to retrospective on Shantz’s career
Link to info on Shantz-Gibson almost-trade
Link to list of EW cold call episodes

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