Effectively Wild Episode 1851: You Say Tyler, I Say Taylor

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the rabidity of opossums and Eugenio Suárez‘s keepie-uppie skills, then discuss the White Sox offense and Tony La Russa’s rationale for batting Andrew Vaughn ninth, Max Scherzer’s oblique injury, and the possibility of a Juan Soto trade, before meeting major leaguers (53:30) Logan Gillaspie (Orioles) and Brandon Hughes (Cubs), and Stat Blasting (1:06:26) about the rapid Tyler/Taylor takeover of MLB player names.

Audio intro: We Are Scientists, “I Don’t Bite
Audio outro: Kiwi Jr., “Tyler

Link to the Human Society on opossums
Link to Wildlife Habitat Council on opossums
Link to Opossum Society FAQ
Link to press-box opossum pic
Link to story about press-box opossum
Link to possum vs. opossum definitions
Link to Reddit thread on Suárez
Link to La Russa comment on Vaughn
Link to Tango’s response
Link to Ben on batting pitchers eighth
Link to Jeremy Frank on Garcia
Link to Frank on Garcia again
Link to Scherzer news
Link to deGrom update
Link to Olney on Soto
Link to report on Soto extension offer
Link to Mark Feinsand on trade candidates
Link to video of Gillaspie’s debut
Link to MASN on Gillaspie’s debut
Link to Camden Chat on Gillaspie
Link to 2018 Gillaspie signing story
Link to FB group thread on Gillaspie
Link to Ben on the Salina Stockade
Link to The Only Rule Is it Has to Work
Link to story on Hughes’s debut
Link to video of Hughes’s debut
Link to Hughes fun fact
Link to Longenhagen on Hughes
Link to Tyler Holton story
Link to Stat Blast data on player names
Link to SSA baby names site
Link to The Bob Emergency, Part 1
Link to The Bob Emergency, Part II
Link to Tyler Kepner on Tylers
Link to Stathead on worst second-half tOPS+
Link to Stathead on second-half ERA rises
Link to 1995 article on Green, P. 1
Link to 1995 article on Green, P. 2

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