Effectively Wild Episode 1890: You’re a Peach

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter a bit more about whether Dottie dropped the ball on purpose in the movie version of A League of Their Own, then discuss an Angels defensive meltdown, a vomiting Oakland Athletic, a Javier Báez bad-ball batted ball, Tony La Russa (and Bill Veeck) taking suggestions from the stands, the Mets’ promotion of Brett Baty, Francisco Lindor, Andrés Giménez, and the Lindor trade revisited, Walker Buehler’s Tommy John surgery, Fernando Tatis Jr.’s suspension, and the Rangers firing Chris Woodward and the dubious utility of one-run records in evaluating managers, then Stat Blast (51:34) about Drew Rasmussen and almost-perfect games versus nine-inning no-hitters and a Max Scherzer/Bryson Stott fun fact, share a Past Blast (1:04:01) from 1890, and talk (1:10:02) to Dr. Justine Siegal, trailblazing baseball coach, founder of Baseball For All, and Baseball Coordinator for the A League of Their Own TV reboot, about her work on the baseball scenes in the series and the progress of women in baseball.

Audio intro: Tommy Roe, “Dottie I Like It
Audio interstitial: Neil Young, “Field of Opportunity
Audio outro: Tami Neilson, “Green Peaches

Link to info on Dottie debate
Link to show creators’ comments
Link to Dottie/Kit scene
Link to A League of Their Own movie
Link to A League of Their Own show
Link to A League of Their Own trailer
Link to video of Ohtani’s new pitch
Link to thread of Angels plays
Link to article on Angels plays
Link to Angels fan reaction GIF
Link to Julio’s almost-homer
Link to Santana’s sunflower seeds
Link to Ben on broken counts
Link to Bois on broken counts
Link to article on Bolt vomiting
Link to Báez batted ball
Link to La Russa video
Link to info on Veeck’s stunt
Link to MLBTR on Baty
Link to Fabian Ardaya on Buehler
Link to Dan S. on Tatis
Link to Tatis Sr. tweet
Link to other Tatis Sr. tweet
Link to Tatis bobblehead tweet
Link to Levi Weaver on Woodward
Link to worst one-run records
Link to Bill James on one-run records
Link to Rob Mains on one-run records
Link to Chris Jaffe’s managers book
Link to Ben Clemens on Rasmussen
Link to thread on perfectos vs. no-nos
Link to Stathead
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to Scherzer fun fact tweet
Link to Stathead on fourth time through
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1890 story source 1
Link to 1890 story source 2
Link to Atlas Obscura story
Link to EW review of League
Link to Justine’s website
Link to Justine’s wiki
Link to Baseball For All’s website
Link to Maybelle Blair video
Link to Outsports on Blair
Link to The L.A. Times on Blair
Link to MLB.com on Blair
Link to Pitch coordinator episode
Link to Twilight coordinator episode
Link to watch party link

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