Effectively Wild Episode 1898: One Award to Rule Them All

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and listener/Patreon supporter Nathan Valentine banter about Nathan’s dual team fandom, then answer listener emails (9:58) about Aaron Judge’s lead over the next-most-prolific HR hitter, handing out awards for all of MLB rather than each league, Jhoan Duran and defining an “off-speed” pitch, what constitutes actually visiting a stadium, and whether certain players might lose some motivation after signing a long-term extension, plus “How can you not be pedantic about baseball?” questions (54:11) about saying “after the final out,” “playing DH,” and “hitting safely,” Stat Blasts (1:08:20) about David Peterson and pitcher three-true-outcome outings, Ross Stripling and the fewest pitches to get through the first time through the order, Yadier Molina and seasons where a player had a higher age than wRC+, players with the highest matching HR totals and jersey numbers, and two-out-batting records, and a Past Blast (1:26:28) from 1898.

Audio intro: Aimee Mann, “It’s Not Safe
Audio outro: Willie Nelson, “Valentine

Link to Ben’s article on Meneses
Link to Meneses walk-off video
Link to Statcast HR leaderboard
Link to Judge’s expected HR by park
Link to Joe Sheehan on Judge
Link to Zach Kram on Judge
Link to Ben on Stanton in 2017
Link to article on PED Era HR leaders
Link to Russell on league differences
Link to Duran video
Link to Pavlidis on Duran
Link to Apostoleris on Duran
Link to pitch-type-name matrix
Link to pitch-type guessing game
Link to Ben Clemens on sweepers
Link to Timmy Trumpet story
Link to Players’ Tribune piece
Link to tweet about hitting safely
Link to Stathead
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to Peterson TTO game
Link to Mathews TTO game
Link to Stripling EW episode
Link to Adcock game
Link to Age>wRC+ sheet
Link to post on Levey’s MVP vote
Link to 2021 Braves game
Link to 1954 Dodgers game
Link to EW listener emails database
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1898 story source

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