Effectively Wild Episode 1920: Pennants Fly Forever

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley are joined by FanGraphs writer (and Phillies fan) Michael Baumann, who covered the NLCS game in Philly, to recap the Phillies’ NLCS victory over the Padres, explain the minds of Phillies fans, celebrate Bryce Harper, review the Padres’ decisions, and much more, followed by breakdowns of the Astros-Yankees ALCS, the state and future of the Yankees, and the Phillies-Astros World Series matchup, plus a postscript and a Past Blast from 1920.

Audio intro: Herman’s Hermits, “Leaning on a Lamp Post
Audio outro: Billy Swan, “Swept Away

Link to Baumann on NLCS G3
Link to Baumann on NLCS G4
Link to Baumann on NLCS G5
Link to Esteban Rivera on Harper’s HR
Link to the Harper HR
Link to MLB.com on the Harper HR
Link to seismometer graph
Link to The Athletic on Melvin
Link to MLB.com on Melvin
Link to Grisham bunt/scoring change
Link to Profar check swing
Link to Ben Clemens on the Yankees
Link to Bader walk
Link to Mike Axisa on the Yankees
Link to story about Boone’s videos
Link to tweet about Ortiz
Link to StarTalk video
Link to 1920 story source
Link to SABR on Maharg
Link to SABR on the Black Sox in 1920
Link to Caminiti book
Link to Fiers confession
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter

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1 month ago

Link to Bader walk isn’t working. I want to see it!