Effectively Wild Episode 1985: Season Preview Series: Padres and Reds

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the advisability of suspending the pitch clock in certain high-stakes situations, some last-minute spring-training tweaks to the clock’s operation, and MLB’s marketing campaign about the new rules, then continue their 2023 season preview series by discussing the San Diego Padres (30:15) with AJ Cassavell of MLB.com, and the Cincinnati Reds (1:15:40) with C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic, plus a Past Blast from 1985 (1:54:31), trivia answers (1:59:57), and a few followups (2:01:33).

Audio intro: Alex Glossman and Ali Breneman, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial 1: Anthony Parker, “Cloud 9
Audio interstitial 2: Steve Wynn, “Sustain
Audio outro: Manther, “1985

Link to Nitkowski thread
Link to Trout’s HRD call to Ohtani
Link to Schoenfield article
Link to Drellich article
Link to ESPN on the clock tweaks
Link to MLBTR on the clock tweaks
Link to Darren Baker video
Link to Darren Baker rule
Link to Cranston ad
Link to Cranston on Hot Ones
Link to FanGraphs playoff odds
Link to FG payroll breakdown
Link to Padres offseason tracker
Link to Padres depth chart
Link to story on Cruz’s eye
Link to AJ on position battles
Link to Seidler on sustainability
Link to article on Forbes valuations
Link to Forbes valuations
Link to Reds offseason tracker
Link to Reds depth chart
Link to Trent’s author archive
Link to Trent on Castellini
Link to Trent on India
Link to Trent on Greene
Link to farm system improvement
Link to Sidd Finch story
Link to story about Finch story
Link to Sidd Finch wiki
Link to April 15 followup
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Padres-Reds trivia answers
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to “The Comeback” Seinfeld clips
Link to “The Burning” Seinfeld clips
Link to 20-80 scale explainer

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