Effectively Wild Episode 2030: Deadline Dilemmas and Needs

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Meg’s All-Star Week plans, play “Would you rather?” with the White Sox and Cardinals, the Padres and Mets, Carlos Rodón and Alek Manoah, and the Rangers and Diamondbacks, compare the values of Pablo López and Luis Arraez (26:25), discuss starting pitchers who might be available at the trade deadline (29:33), run down the dilemmas facing a few teams on the border between buying and selling, and use projections (44:06) to identify the positions on contending teams that are most in need of an upgrade. Then (1:05:15) they Stat Blast about the most baserunners allowed while facing the minimum, low-scoring division leaders, the Nationals’ odd home/away split, Chris Vallimont and players traded right after debuting, the all-time leaders in up-and-down seasons, pitchers’ error-prone throwing, whether an official-scoring conspiracy is boosting batting averages, and Shohei Ohtani with and without Mike Trout batting behind him, plus (1:50:21) a Future Blast from 2030 and a few follow-ups.

Audio intro: Liz Panella, “Effectively Wild theme
Audio outro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild theme

Link to FG playoff odds
Link to combined WAR leaderboard
Link to team SP WAR leaders
Link to team wRC+ leaderboard
Link to BaseRuns standings
Link to article on Carroll’s shoulder
Link to Rosenthal on available SP
Link to Rosenthal on Stroman
Link to positional projections
Link to contenders’ top needs
Link to “facing the minimum” games
Link to Nats split 1
Link to Nats split 2
Link to MLBTR on Vallimont
Link to previous traded players
Link to up-and-down leaders
Link to Kenny Jackelen on Twitter
Link to Ben on the fake to 3rd
Link to Hicks walk-off
Link to Woodpeckers game story
Link to FB thread on game endings
Link to 2005 K-Rod ending
Link to 1995 Dodgers ending
Link to Castillo pop-up play
Link to error-rates-by-position sheet
Link to pitcher-error data
Link to Laurila on errors
Link to yearly fielding per-game rates
Link to yearly hitting per-game rates
Link to error/BIP stats/graphs
Link to Chow test wiki
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to Ben on Ohtani after 2021
Link to research on lineup protection
Link to Ohtani with/without Trout
Link to plate discipline with/without
Link to hitters behind Ohtani
Link to Lucas Apostoleris on Twitter
Link to Sean Dolinar on Twitter
Link to listener emails database
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to 1978 Parker article
Link to later 1978 Parker article
Link to Parker’s SABR bio
Link to 2009 Parker article
Link to 2022 Parker post
Link to MLBTR on Pérez

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