Effectively Wild Episode 2070: Playoff Hand-Wringing Returns

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley discuss some renewed fretting about playoff formats, long layoffs, and upsets, recap (31:44) Clayton Kershaw’s playoff career and consider how (if at all) it will affect his legacy, and then examine (55:25) the latest action in each Division Series, plus follow-ups (1:29:49) on multiple topics from the preceding episode (including postseason sweeps and conductors).

Audio intro: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Alex Glossman and Ali Breneman, “Effectively Wild Theme (Horny)

Link to Rosenthal on the playoff format
Link to Ben Clemens on long layoffs
Link to Joe Sheehan on long layoffs
Link to Ben L. on playoff randomness
Link to FG postseason leaderboards
Link to playoff pitching decliners sheet
Link to Ben L. on the Dodgers
Link to MLB.com on Harris and Harper
Link to Sam on the Correa play
Link to Ben C. on the Wheeler decision
Link to Russell on removing the starter
Link to study on reliever familiarity
Link to Neil Paine on Yordan
Link to Langs Orioles tweet
Link to Paine on the O’s
Link to EW Episode 2069
Link to holds leaders
Link to 2012 Clippard article
Link to 2015 Clippard article
Link to Senators FB thread
Link to EW Episode 1217

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