Effectively Wild Episode 2073: Veeck As in Discotheque

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the abrupt end of Kim Ng’s tenure as the general manager of the Miami Marlins, Alyssa Nakken interviewing for the Giants’ manager job, the Rangers taking a 2-0 lead on the Astros in the ALCS, and the new Netflix documentary The Saint of Second Chances. Then (48:12) Ben talks to the documentary’s subject, baseball maverick Mike Veeck, about why he wanted to tell his up-and-down-and-up story, his legendary dad, Hall of Famer Bill Veeck, and the colorful Veeck clan, Disco Demolition Night, the origins of modern independent baseball, Darryl Strawberry’s season with the St. Paul Saints, the secret to a great baseball promotion, the Savannah Bananas, whether MLB could ever have a Veeck-ian owner again, MLB’s control (and contraction) of the minor leagues, and more.

Audio intro: Nate Emerson, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Josh Busman, “Effectively Wild Theme

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Link to MLBTR on Nakken
Link to Ben Clemens on the Astros
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Link to article on Jordan’s flu game
Link to exploding-scoreboard video
Link to The Saint of Second Chances
Link to documentary trailer
Link to MiLB.com on Mike Veeck
Link to list of Veeck’s promotions
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Link to SABR on the ’43 Phillies
Link to BJO on book inaccuracies
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Link to Craig Wright on Paige
Link to EW interview about the Bananas
Link to Veeck As in Wreck
Link to The Hustler’s Handbook
Link to Fun is Good
Link to Mike’s website
Link to playoff-stats spreadsheet
Link to The Ringer-Verse podcast
Link to House of R podcast

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