Effectively Wild Episode 2075: Right-Hands Man

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about ALCS and NLCS action, the definition of an “unanswered run,” and a forthcoming documentary about Shohei Ohtani, then (51:16) answer listener emails about a playoff hot-hand theory, how bad an underdog would have to be for a postseason upset to shock them, and a pitcher with two right hands, plus a Stat Blast (1:20:57) about the least and most exciting postseasons ever and a follow-up (1:38:42) about Friday’s games.

Audio intro: The Gagnés, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Dave Armstrong and Mike Murray, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to FG post on NLCS Game 3
Link to FG post on ALCS Game 4
Link to John Middleton video
Link to Carleton on pulling pitchers
Link to LIDOM preview
Link to Ohtani documentary news
Link to Rob Mains on playoff upsets
Link to Dan S. on playoff success
Link to AI image of hands
Link to EW listener emails database
Link to Topps Now
Link to WPA/cWPA data
Link to Kenny Jackelen’s Twitter
Link to series-length data
Link to Michael Mountain’s Twitter
Link to lead-change data
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to FG post on ALCS Game 5
Link to FG post on NLCS Game 4

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