Effectively Wild Episode 2086: Eyewash, Greenwash, Sportswash, Tell ’im Wash

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley discuss MLB owners unanimously approving the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas, new time-saving measures slated for 2024, the respective salaries of David Stearns and Craig Counsell, and private flights as a potential perk to entice MLB free agents, then examine an upstart Dubai-based baseball league called Baseball United (55:07) and bring on Washington Post sportswriter Rick Maese (1:05:46) to explain how the league is the latest reflection of a massive Middle Eastern infusion of funds that’s reshaping global sports.

Audio intro: Dave Armstrong and Mike Murray, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Ted O., “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Drellich on the owners’ vote
Link to Keown on the owners’ vote
Link to Nightengale on the owners’ vote
Link to Nightengale again
Link to Sheehan on Fisher/Seidler
Link to ESPN on the clock
Link to % of pitches with runners on
Link to The Athletic on the clock
Link to Stearns salary story
Link to Epstein salary story
Link to Counsell salary story
Link to Pollis on executive pay
Link to Boras on Soto’s flight
Link to Lester-deal details
Link to story about Brown’s deal
Link to Plaschke on Brown
Link to Brown luxury tax info
Link to Ohtani jet info
Link to Tanaka jet info
Link to article on private-jet emissions
Link to Swift’s response
Link to info on sports and climate
Link to story on MLB emissions
Link to more on MLB emissions
Link to Baseball United site
Link to Baseball United info
Link to Baseball United draft
Link to Pujols interview
Link to Sandoval promo
Link to thread of WaPo stories
Link to WaPo story 1
Link to WaPo story 2
Link to WaPo story 3
Link to WaPo story 4
Link to MLB sportswashing post
Link to story on Trujillo’s team
Link to story on Mexican League
Link to story about fossil-fuel lobby
Link to Secret Santa sign-up sheet

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