Effectively Wild Episode 2090: How to Be a Shobae

Ben Lindbergh talks to Portia, proprietor of super-popular Shohei Ohtani fan account @shoheisaveus, about her Ohtani superfan origin story, life as a self-described “Shobae,” Ohtani’s popularity compared to other athletes and celebrities, following Ohtani from 15 time zones away, stanning a private person, the many mysteries of Ohtani, where the Shobaes would prefer for Ohtani to sign, and more. Then (1:09:03) Ben brings on baseball researcher and writer Sam Gazdziak of RIP Baseball to discuss monitoring baseball players’ passings, writing an obituary for every big leaguer, and finding and restoring baseball figures’ neglected gravesites.

Audio intro: Ian H., “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Rose tweets
Link to Portia’s Twitter account
Link to info on Ohtani Insta followers
Link to Ben’s article on Portia
Link to Ohtani’s first MLB hit
Link to Smith on Ohtani
Link to “Fletchtani” tweet
Link to Ohtani-Sandoval video
Link to Equinox photo
Link to Ohtani’s beach trip
Link to Ohtani’s Hawaii trip
Link to Ohtani/Ippei Hawaii photo
Link to 2018 NHK doc
Link to 2021 NHK doc
Link to 2021 NHK doc (alt link)
Link to Ohtani’s dog
Link to Ohtani’s high school friends
Link to shirtless Shohei tweet
Link to recommended Twitter follow
Link to recommended Twitter follow 2
Link to recommended YouTube follow
Link to recommended YouTube follow 2
Link to recommended TikTok follow
Link to Ohtani’s “Despacito” video
Link to RIP Baseball
Link to Stenhouse obit
Link to Aaron obit
Link to Woods obit
Link to SABR Baseball Graves Map
Link to Baseball Player Passings group
Link to 19th Century Grave Marker Project
Link to Negro Leagues Grave Marker Project
Link to Green-Wood Cemetery article
Link to Cobb memorial
Link to Banks memorial
Link to “rigor mortis” quote
Link to John Glenn SABR bio
Link to Ed Williamson grave marker project
Link to B-Ref place of death index
Link to support Portia
Link to support Sam
Link to Secret Santa sign-up sheet

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4 months ago

I’ve been listening to Effectively Wild since the very first episode. This interview with Portia is one of my favorites ever in the shows history. She is delightful.

4 months ago
Reply to  maxjusttyped

I almost skipped this episode and I listened because of this comment. Thank you, this was a great episode!