Effectively Wild Episode 2115: I Am Become Death Ball

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the “death ball,” a curveball variant that could be baseball’s next sweeper-esque pitch-design innovation, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of separate classifications for “new” pitches that are subsets of other pitches, and the importance of continuing education among fans and media members. Then (39:23) they talk about the Aroldis Chapman, John Brebbia, James Paxton, and Joey Gallo signings (with another contract over/unders draft update and a Clayton Kershaw check-in), the possibility that NPB phenom Roki Sasaki will come to MLB next offseason, Alex Blandino’s knuckleball conversion, a Willians Astudillo lowlight, and a player mercenary follow-up.

Audio intro: Liz Panella, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Cory Brent, “Effectively Wild Theme (“We Looked Like Giants” cover)

Link to death ball BP article
Link to sweeper definition
Link to Passan on the death ball
Link to Tread video
Link to “Public Enemy No. 1”
Link to Ben on young newsbreakers
Link to Cotillo on EW
Link to FG on Chapman and Brebbia
Link to over/under draft results
Link to Pirates payroll page
Link to MLBTR on Paxton
Link to story on Paxton’s knee
Link to Paxton eagle incident
Link to MLBTR on Gallo
Link to Ben on Gallo in 2014
Link to “genericization” article
Link to Sasaki article
Link to MLBTR on Blandino
Link to Blandino knuckler
Link to Blandino throwing 90
Link to Jannis EW interview
Link to Ben on knuckleballs
Link to Astudillo drop
Link to game outcome
Link to Astudillo HR robbery
Link to Astudillo in center
Link to Astudillo draft article
Link to other Astudillo draft article
Link to Farnsworth revenge article
Link to HoF voting results

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