Effectively Wild Episode 2135: Season Preview Series: Rays and Pirates

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the retirement of Meg favorite Mike Zunino, some teams’ mismatched gray jerseys and pants, whether Blake Snell is still unsigned in part because his pitching isn’t fun to watch (and whether he walks batters by accident or on purpose), and Joey Votto’s minor league deal with the Blue Jays, then preview the 2024 Tampa Bay Rays (36:14) with MLB.com’s Adam Berry, and the 2024 Pittsburgh Pirates (1:09:21) with MLB.com’s Alex Stumpf.

Audio intro: Jimmy Kramer, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial 1: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme
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Audio outro: Daniel Leckie, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to MLBTR on Zunino
Link to Meg on Zunino
Link to “sad Zunino”
Link to highest-K hitters
Link to lowest-average hitters
Link to Zunino HRD tweet
Link to mismatched-grays report
Link to FG on Snell
Link to BP on Snell
Link to PL on Snell
Link to PL on Snell 2
Link to LOB% definition
Link to LOB% since 2016
Link to LOB% leaders
Link to “greatest thread” meme
Link to Votto Insta post
Link to MLBTR on Votto
Link to Votto Jays interview
Link to Rays offseason tracker
Link to Rays depth chart
Link to Jennings on the Rays
Link to Verducci on the Rays
Link to Clemens on the Rays
Link to Rays pen improvement
Link to Uwasawa story
Link to Adam’s MLB.com archive
Link to Ben on the Archer trade
Link to Pirates offseason tracker
Link to Pirates depth chart
Link to Hayes breakout piece 1
Link to Hayes breakout piece 2
Link to Athletic Pirates article
Link to team SS WAR
Link to Skenes news
Link to DotF on Jones
Link to largest FA contracts
Link to Alex’s MLB.com archive
Link to MLBTR on Betts
Link to MLBTR on Marte
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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2 months ago

I’m a huge Alex Stumpf fan…thanks for this!