Effectively Wild Episode 2152: The Worst Vibes in Baseball

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about MLB jerseys as Fremen stillsuits, an update on Blake Snell the self-perceived strike-thrower, Brent Suter and being the “best teammate,” which MLB team is last in the league in vibes, the struggling Marlins demoting the not-struggling Max Meyer, whether teams are working minor league pitchers (such as Paul Skenes) too lightly, and (1:02:49) the career and retirement of Yankees radio voice John Sterling and fan affection for long-lasting local broadcasters, then (1:29:31) meet major leaguers Spencer Arrighetti, Blaze Alexander, and Jorge Barrosa, plus postscript follow-ups (1:51:25).

Audio intro: Kite Person, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Grant Brisbee, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to MLB stillsuit article
Link to sweat stains quote
Link to sweaty Yankees jerseys
Link to Snell quote
Link to Elly’s catch
Link to Suter article
Link to article on eco-conscious Suter
Link to Suter’s impressions
Link to 2016 LaRoche article
Link to 2021 LaRoche retrospective
Link to Freeland play
Link to article on Meyer demotion
Link to McCarthy tweet
Link to Sheehan on pitcher usage
Link to BP on Skenes in college
Link to Ben on TNSTAAPP
Link to MLB.com on Sterling
Link to The Athletic on Sterling
Link to Brosius call
Link to Camp call
Link to BP on the Camp game
Link to list of Sterling calls
Link to Sterling “fangraph” comment
Link to flubbed Sterling call
Link to last Sterling HR call
Link to “Something Sort of Grandish”
Link to 2011 Sterling NYT profile
Link to Warner Wolf wiki
Link to Meet a Major Leaguer wiki
Link to B-Ref new debuts page
Link to The Athletic on Arrighetti
Link to Longenhagen on Arrighetti
Link to MLB.com on Arrighetti
Link to Blazes on B-Ref
Link to 2018 Alexanders article
Link to 2019 Alexander article
Link to Barrosa call-up article
Link to March Barrosa article
Link to Longenhagen on player heights
Link to non-pitcher height query
Link to pitcher height query
Link to Burke break article
Link to EPL history wiki
Link to 1884 World Series wiki
Link to Saber Seminar
Link to Kite Person on Bandcamp
Link to Kite Person on SoundCloud
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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