Effectively Wild Episode 2168: The National (TV) Pastime

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the end of the Orioles’ sweep-less streak, Oneil Cruz’s mismatch between top-tier tools and pedestrian production, the Phillies’ strength of schedule, Steven Okert and the etiquette of tipping one’s bullpen-cart driver, Kyle Hendricks and the decline of the 2016 Cubs’ core, and some Shohei Ohtani real-estate news. Then (47:14) they talk to The Athletic senior writer Evan Drellich about Rob Manfred’s press conference on Thursday, the uncertainty surrounding MLB’s broadcast/streaming future, the possibility (and potential ramifications) of nationalizing the sport’s media rights, a private-equity takeover of the minor leagues, and more, plus (1:27:57) several postscript follow-ups.

Audio intro: Philip Bergman, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial: Jonathan Crymes, “Effectively Wild Theme 2
Audio outro: Ted O., “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to O’s sweep story
Link to team records during streak
Link to Cruz tweet 1
Link to Cruz tweet 2
Link to Cruz tweet 3
Link to Cruz’s Savant page
Link to ESPN SoS
Link to Defector on SoS
Link to FG projected SoS
Link to Okert article 1
Link to Okert article 2
Link to MLBTR on Hendricks
Link to 2016 team batting age
Link to 2016 team pitching age
Link to Paine on the Cubs
Link to Russell article 1
Link to Russell article 2
Link to L.A. Ohtani house
Link to L.A. house 2
Link to Hawaii Ohtani house
Link to Hawaii house 2
Link to Evan on Manfred comments
Link to sickos meme
Link to Evan on national TV
Link to broadcast/streaming split
Link to article on churn
Link to Evan on Diamond Sports
Link to Evan on the other Diamond
Link to Steinbrenner comments
Link to Sheehan on Steinbrenner
Link to Winning Fixes Everything
Link to Manfred on framing
Link to first Ballers win
Link to EW Ballers episode
Link to GF w/o save leaders
Link to Ben on mid-PA changes
Link to Shildt game
Link to MLBTR on Baumann trade
Link to WDJDD song
Link to Phiten tweet
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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