FanGraphs App Update: We’ve Added Quick Leaderboards!

We are excited to introduce Quick Leaderboards – an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface for accessing our major league leaderboards. With this new addition, you can now easily explore and find leaders for various statistics through a list-based interface. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience that closely reflects the web version’s robust leaderboards within our app. Our future plans are to further develop leaderboards in the app to closely match the functionality of the web version.

To access the app and enjoy these new features, simply download it here:

Here’s a summary of the recent updates:

  • We’ve added a dedicated section in the main app navigation for the leaderboards.
  • We’ve included a summary of popular and important stats, featuring the top five players in each category.
  • We’ve introduced stat-specific quick leaderboards, displaying all leaders in a given stat.

Quick Leaderboards

In the Quick Leaderboards section, users have the ability to customize their viewing experience:

  • All batting, pitching, and fielding leaderboard stats from the web version are available in the single stat quick leaderboard.
  • Users can select different seasons and view career stats. However, custom season spans (e.g., 2021-2023 aggregate stats) are not supported at this time.
  • Live Updating stats for the 2023 season are available, providing real-time updates as games are played. Please note that most FanGraphs stats update overnight, after the conclusion of each day’s games.
  • Users can filter the leaderboards by team.
  • Users can filter by playing time (PA, IP, or Inn). The default playing time filter is set to the standard qualified playing time.

I build things here.

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David Klein
11 months ago

Love the app thanks for adding this!