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Episode 700
Paul Swydan is the managing editor of the Hardball Times. He’s also editor-in-chief of that site’s annual publication, now available at better bookstores everywhere and also a few subpar bookstores, as well.

This episode of the program either is or isn’t sponsored by SeatGeek, which site removes both the work and also the hassle from the process of shopping for tickets.

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Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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Hi Carson,
I’m not on twitter, so I hope this reaches you here.
I had a great discussion with a friend recently regarding what it would take for a team to sacrifice a defensive position in order to allow a player to bat twice in the lineup. e.g. would Mike Trout have provided the Angels with more than .3 additional WAR this year were he to play both Center and Left field simultaneously, but also bat in the 1st and 5th lineup slots. I realize this is, to a certain extent, a time wasting thought experiment, but I would love to hear you and Jeff discuss this on a podcast over the offseason. I very much enjoy it when the two of you focus on inane technicalities of clearly impossible situations.

Chip Locke
Chip Locke

There is no point in the lineup that would guarantee he wouldn’t be on base when his other turn to bat arrives.