FanGraphs Audio: Dave Cameron Analyzes All Baseball

Episode 257
First, imagine FanGraphs managing editor Dave Cameron. Next, imagine all baseball. Now, imagine Dave Cameron analyzing all baseball. That’s precisely what follows in this episode of FanGraphs Audio.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximately 34 min. play time.)

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Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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a problem?
a problem?

The guest has a lot to say and seems to be just getting going but, by contrast, the host has few questions prepared and is openly disinterested in the event (the 2012 playoffs). Why not have Mr. Cistulli explain why he doesn’t like it or hand off the playoffs to a more enthusiastic host?

not at all
not at all

when i first started listening to the podcast, my favorite episodes were the DC ones. however, now, they’re my least favorite and i often find myself skipping through them. DC, as the above commentator implies, often sounds robotish. this is unfortunate because these podcasts, dare i say podcasts in general, succeed when topic-related banter is organic and new or interesting info is provided. which is the second problem i have with the recent DC ones. if you’ve read his pieces during the week, you can telegraph the topics as well as his talking points. there is something familiar to this predictability and is worth something, but in terms of new information or commentary these appearances are largely low yield. the josh hamilton discussion from this week is a perfect example of this.

having said that, i agree with the above commentator that carson could improve in these episodes by endeavoring to sound more like a reporter and less like a friend. it’s clear that DC works best in a structured Q&A environment (compared to someone like Eno or Dayn who have the personalites to drive the topics….or boil people in oil). carson would do well to adjust his interview style to better work with DC.

having said that, DC might not be the best person to answer throwaway questions on AFL stuff, not because he’s not equipped to, but because there really needs to be a larger introduction to AFL. i think those questions assume a basic knowledge of AFL that many even keen observers of the sport might not have. i understand the natural inclination of FG is not to talk down to the reader or listener, but here I think we’d benefit from a larger AFL primer. moreover, i think FG is missing a real opportunity to cover AFL and i know i would love to hear Hulet (and others) on topics ranging from why AFL is important, how teams decide how to stock rosters, and which players they’re watching, etc etc. there is clear fantasy gain too from following AFL.

just my opinion.