FanGraphs+ Player-Profile Game: Question #2

Play the player-profile game again tomorrow — in this case, at 1:00pm ET. We’re giving away a free annual subscription to FanGraphs+ to the first reader who guesses correctly the identity of that day’s mystery player. (Limit one copy per customer).

As Eno Sarris announced yesterday, FanGraphs+ is once again available to the sexy, teeming masses.

In celebration — and to the end of nearly relentless promotion — we’re playing the player-profile game I introduced in these pages a few offseasons ago.

The game is easy: one person (me, in this case) offers the text of single player profile, being careful to omit any proper names that might reveal the identity of the player in question. The other person (you, the reader) attempts to identify the player using only the details provided in the profile.

First reader to guess correctly (in the comments section below) gets a free annual subscription to FanGraphs+ — approximately a $1000 value!

Today’s entry comes to us courtesy of Mr. David Wiers.

Who is it?

[BLANK’S] 2012 campaign could be accurately described as the lesser part of A Tale of Two Cities: “…it was the worst of times… it was the season of Darkness… it was the winter of despair…” Perhaps more accurately [BLANK’S] struggles can be summed up by his weak batting line of just .221/.305/.304. That line didn’t happen in just a two-week slump, no, this gruesome triple slash was a novel told over the course of four months. After posting a .356 .350 batting average on balls in play in 2011, last season was a case of severe regression. [BLANK] managed a .256 BABIP and couldn’t recover. His true-talent level is certainly in between those marks, and given his lack of power, average and steals is what is going to be his breadwinner in fantasy circles. With the return of [BLANK’S TEAMMATE] to the keystone, its hard to imagine [BLANK] breaking camp as the starting second baseman.

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