FanGraphs Spray Charts!

Spray Charts for both batted balls, and fielded ball location are now available for all players from 2012 to 2013. All data for these charts is provided by Inside Edge.

Source: FanGraphs

There are a variety of different spray charts available and a number of filtering options for each. A little tip is you can click on any of the items in the legend to make them disappear / reappear on the chart.

Hang Time: A plot of the bucketed hang time of batted balls. Home runs are broken out separately, but all fly balls are categorized by hang time.

Batted Ball Type: A plot of all batted balls by the type of batted ball (fly ball, line drive, etc…)

Hit Type: A plot of all batted balls by the type of hit (single, double, etc…)

Made Plays: A plot of all the plays a fielder successfully made and the rated difficulty of each play by Inside Edge scouts.

Missed Plays: A plot of all the plays a fielder failed to successfully field and the rated difficult of each play by Inside Edge scouts.

Made / Missed Plays: A plot of made plays and missed plays combined.

Please feel free to export / embed the charts for use outside FanGraphs.

If you notice any problems, or any potential funny looking data points, please let us know and we will investigate and get things fixed as quickly as possible!

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