FanGraphs Stars of the Month – April 2010

With one month of baseball in the books, it’s time to take a look at who you voted as the FanGraphs Stars of the Month!

The way these rankings are calculated (for the time being) is the sum of the percentage of total stars accumulated for each individual game. Onto the awards! (3 stars is the top spot.)

3 StarsJason Heyward: Baseball’s #1a/b prospect had a monstrous and timely first month. He even had a game where he accumulated over 1 full win in WPA. He was awarded 3-stars, five times.

2 StarsMiguel Cabrera: Leading the month in WPA with 2.04 wins, Cabrera missed out on his third star by just a handful of votes. He was awarded 3-stars, a month-leading six times.

1 StarUbaldo Jimenez: In order to compete in votes with batters who play everyday, you really need to have a pretty special month as a pitcher. Ulbado did just that with 5 wins, a no-hitter, and a major league leading 0.79 ERA to take 3rd place in fan voting this month. In each of his five starts, he was awarded 3-stars.

That’s all for the very first FanGraphs Stars of the Month! Be sure to vote after each game is completed for who you think is the most deserving player of the game.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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The Sprinting of the Brats
The Sprinting of the Brats

You do a nice job here, Dave, but do you think you could ask one person to give it a quick look-over before pressing send? For a well-respected professional blog, there sure are a multitude of typos and assorted grammar issues.

Again, you do a great job and I don’t mean to disparage, but it seems easily correctable, particularly on a 150 word post.