FG on Fox: Some More Advice for Ned Yost

Two weeks ago, before the Royals squared off against the A’s in the Wild Card game, I offered a few pieces of advice for Ned Yost, focusing on limiting the amount of outs he asked James Shields to get, not bunting too too early in the game, and using their speed to steal a bunch of bases. Using something not too far off that blueprint, the Royals staged a miraculous comeback and won the Wild Card, and they haven’t lost since. So now, one game away from a trip to the World Series, I have one more suggestion for Ned Yost.

You have two starters available on full rest: use both of them.

Due to the Monday rainout, the Royals have both Jason Vargas and James Shields available to start today’s Game Four, though the Royals have already announced that they’re going to stick with Vargas, while Shields remains on deck to pitch a Game Five, if it proves necessary. The easiest way to make that game unnecessary, though, would be to use both of them on Wednesday.

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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9 years ago

I like the idea – I’d suggest even doing this on a regular basis during the regular season. It seems like a great way to ‘acclimate’ young pitchers to MLB, while limiting their innings during their first year or two. Depending on the team’s personnel, you could have your 5 and 6 starting pitchers basically tandem start each time out for about 4 innings apiece, alternating who starts each game (KC could have done this perhaps with Ventura/Duffy for instance). Not only would it be good for their development at the big league level, but it would increase the team’s win probability in each game, since you’re pulling the young starter before the lineup can face him for a third or forth time.