Get to Know: The Stats

Because the FanGraphs glossary sucks so much, I’ve decided to update the glossary by posting one article each day on a particular statistic.

They’ll be easily accessible through the blog and eventually the glossary tab once all the stats are completed. Until then the old glossary will remain intact. Overall, I’m trying to make them fairly thorough, but feel free to comment and add new links and information if you feel what I post is incomplete or inadequate.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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Thanks so much! Often it’s hard to find introductory information on many of these tools and terms which have been used in the community for awhile now. Not all the tools will be easily explained, but at least less of it will be exclusive to those “in the know.”

Also appreciated are the benchmarks for high and low values. To give a “top 20 percentile” is invaluable to me.