In Retrospect…

Some things work a lot better in your mind than they do in the real world, and after a couple of days, I think we’ve learned that the idea of taking “official positions” was one of these things. Our intention for the series was to try and use the awards voting to help clarify some misconceptions about our metrics and how they should be used to evaluate player seasons, but in practice, the titles of the post – and the fact that we’re really a big conglomerate of individuals with their own take on things – probably created more confusion than anything else.

Life is full of lessons, and hopefully we’ve learned from this one. We’ll be publishing some thoughts on how our metrics pertain to awards voting, but you won’t be seeing any more “official positions”, and we’ll try to do a better job focusing on the validity of multiple viewpoints. In almost every case, there are legitimate disagreements that can be had, and we value the different voices that make valid points from different angles. We’ll try to make that more clear going forward.

Just like our metrics, we’re not perfect. When we do something that doesn’t work, we’ll try to correct it. The “official position” series didn’t work as intended, and so we’ll make some steps to correct that.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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11 years ago

Oh man, I totally called that.