2015 Steamer Projections!

The 2015 Steamer Projections are now live on the site! Much thanks goes out to Jared Cross, Dash Davidson, and Peter Rosenbloom for putting these together every year.

We have two different playing time allocations for Steamer projections this year:

Steamer – This uses the playing time projection from our depth charts. These are temporarily using playoff rosters, so there may be the occasional weird playing time allocation. Playing time may be updated on a nightly basis.

Steamer600 – This version uses a static 600 PA (450 PA for catchers), 200 IP for starting pitchers, and 65 IP for relievers.

The regular Steamer projections can be found on the player pages, and both Steamer and Steamer 600 can be found in our projection section.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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9 years ago

Wither Kris Bryant?