Acquaint Yourself Now with Noah Syndergaard’s Curveball

Giant Dutch- and/or Danish- and/or Texan-American Noah Syndergaard is at this moment making his major-league debut for the New York Mets in Chicago. One thing he’s exhibited with considerable frequency over the course of his inaugural start is a fastball at ca. 94-98 mph. Another thing is what Branch Rickey would probably have referred to as “hella moxie” were he (a) still alive and also (b) a resident of California’s Bay Area for some reason.

The purpose of this post is to address neither of those qualities, but rather to document Syndergaard’s first memorable curveball — with which curveball he struck out Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro for the second out in the second inning.

Here, for the benefit of the reader, is action footage of that curveball in real time:

NS Curve 1

Here’s other action footage of that pitch, except in slow motion:

NS Curve 2

And here, finally, is very slow motion of this important moment:

NS Curve 3

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8 years ago

Oh god, that curve. It’s just…beautiful.