Acquaint Yourself with LSU Freshman Alex Lange’s Curveball

Louisiana State plays Arkansas tonight in the second of a three-game series at the latter school’s home field. As the author has suggested elsewhere, the series is notable insofar as it features a number of players who currently rank among the SEC’s top hitters by (maybe) predictive stats — including, for example, LSU shortstop Alex Bregman and Arkansas center fielder Andrew Benintendi.

Who else tonight’s game, specifically, features is LSU freshman right-hander Alex Lange. In his most recent start for the Tigers, Lange recorded a 13:0 strikeout-to-walk ratio against 28 batters over 8.0 innings against Ole Miss (box). How he did it was largely by means of a hard curveball, footage of which the reader can find below with a view to whetting his or her appetite ahead of tonight’s 9pm (ET) first pitch.

An example of the curve from the second inning of that game against Mississippi:

Lange CU 1

And that same pitch, more slowly:

Lange CU 1 Slow

A second example of the curve, from Lange’s final inning of work:

Lange CU 2

And a slow-motion version of that pitch:

Lange CU 2 Slow

Finally, one finds here an example of Lange’s fastball, as well, which is also great and will suffice:

Lange FA

And also that pitch in slow motion:

Lange FA Slow

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Love the leg kick when he pitches out of the windup.