Chris Davis Suspended for Amphetamine Use

Dan Connelly of the Baltimore Sun broke the news, since confirmed by MLB:

The Orioles have 17 regular season games remaining, so this puts Davis out for the rest of the year, plus eight additional games beyond the regular season. The interesting question, which I have not yet been able to find the answer for, is what this will do to his postseason eligibility when the suspension ends.

You’ll recall that MLB and the player’s association updated their PED suspension policy this year, after not being happy with Jhonny Peralta playing well in October last year, making players who failed a test for PEDs ineligible for the postseason, even if their suspension ended before the playoffs began. However, stimulants have a different tier of penalties than PEDs, as you’ll note by Davis’ 25 game ban, and it isn’t entirely clear whether this postseason ban applies to stimulants as well.

MLB’s official tweet mentions that Davis will be suspended for the postseason, but does not mention whether its for just the eight remaining games beyond the regular season — which would mean he’d be eligible to return for the World Series if the Orioles got that far — or whether the postseason ban for a failed PED test applies to stimulants as well. The best guess is that it doesn’t, and that Davis will be allowed to return for a potential World Series once his suspension ends, but that highlights a pretty odd divide in the rules. MLB’s penalties clearly judge a failed test for PEDs as a worse offense than one for stimulants, but it doesn’t exactly follow that having a recently-suspended PED user tarnishes the postseason in a way that a recently-suspended amphetamine user does not.

But it seems like those might be the rules, as odd as they seem.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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8 years ago

I know this is Instagraphs, but holy CRAP that was fast.

Shirtless Johan Santa
8 years ago
Reply to  Julian

What happened? I wasn’t paying attention.