Draft Results: The 2017 Over/Under Prospect Game

This very minute, the author has published an episode of FanGraphs Audio in which lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen and that same dumb author play the first inaugural edition of the Over/Under Prospect Game. The rules of the game are discussed in greater detail within the pod episode. In short, though, this is how it’s played:

  • Contestant A nominates a rookie-eligible player.
  • Contestant A also sets an over/under figure for that player’s WAR in 2017.
  • Contestant B chooses the over or under.

For sake of simplicity, we limited the game to 10 nominations total, five by Longenhagen and five by me. The only criterion for a nominee was that he retained his rookie eligibility entering the 2017 campaign.

Here’s the outcome of our draft in the order in which it happened:

The 2017 Over/Under Prospect Game
Round Contestant A Player Team WAR Contestant B O/U
1 Longenhagen Manuel Margot Padres 1.5 Cistulli Over
2 Cistulli Jose De Leon Rays 2.0 Longenhagen Under
3 Longenhagen Senzel + Burdi CIN + CWS 0.7 Cistulli Under
4 Cistulli Charlie Tilson White Sox 0.9 Longenhagen Over
5 Longenhagen Mitch Haniger Mariners 1.7 Cistulli Under
6 Cistulli Jharel Cotton Athletics 2.2 Longenhagen Over
7 Longenhagen Albert Almora Cubs 2.4 Cistulli Under
8 Cistulli Gavin Cecchini Mets 0.4 Longenhagen Under
9 Longenhagen Stephen Gonsalves Twins 1.0 Cistulli Under
10 Cistulli German Marquez Rockies 0.7 Longenhagen Over
Contestant A nominates player and sets over/under WAR figure.
Contestant B chooses over or under for that player.

With his third selection, Longnehagen annoyingly submitted the combined WAR of Nick Senzel and Zack Burdi — which is why those two players are listed together in the third row. Otherwise, the results should be pretty self-explanatory.

Over the course of the season, I’ll revisit the selections here and maybe annotate it with some light commentary. Unless it’s clear I’m losing badly, I mean, in which case I’ll ignore this post and forget it ever happened.

Don’t hesitate to witness the breathless, real-time drama of the Over/Under Prospect Game by way of FanGraphs Audio.

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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