Four Plays from One Game by Draft Prospect Alex Bregman

Before the start of Saturday’s game between Louisiana State and Auburn, the SEC Network revisited several decisive plays from the previous night’s contest (won 3-2 by LSU) between those same clubs. Present in a disproportionately high number of those clips was LSU junior shortstop — and possible top-10 draft selection this June — Alex Bregman.

On the one hand, this isn’t surprising: as the (maybe) predictive stats reveal, Bregman is among the SEC’s top-10 hitters. Notably, though, none of the footage depicted Bregman’s hitting — but rather only his fielding — exploits from that same game.

The purpose of this post is (first) to steal the aforementioned footage from the SEC Network and then (second) to disseminate it to the FanGraphs readership so that they might experience undue optimism regarding the future of the Pastime.

Here, first of all, is Bregman making a play from the hole:

Here he is, in this case, taking a relay from the outfield and “cutting down” a runner at home plate:

What he’s doing here is to barehand a grounder and throw to first for the out:

And finally, in this brief passage, Bregman throws across his body to record another out:

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9 years ago

Carson, you’re at your best when you’re stealing and disseminating. Carry on.