Job Posting: Milwaukee Brewers Software Engineering Positions

Brewers Software Engineering Positions

What is Baseball Systems?

  • Baseball Systems is the software backbone of Baseball Operations. We provide data and decision-making tools for analysts, coaches, and front office personnel to help win a World Series.
  • Our department consists of a team of data engineers and a team of software engineers who work across all different aspects of Baseball Operations providing support and tools relevant to each group.
  • We work directly with stakeholders in every department of Baseball Operations to ensure every project we work on drives value to the organization and helps us win more games on the field.
  • We help drive technical innovation to find new ways to solve baseball problems

We are looking for someone who:

  • loves baseball.
  • has created web apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks
  • has experience developing APIs in C# or other similar languages
  • has worked with relational databases
  • is familiar with Git version control software.

It’s not required, but would be awesome if you:

  • have experience with one of the popular front-end Javascript frameworks. We use Angular.
  • have experience building visualizations, including in D3, Plotly, or other frameworks
  • are familiar with the Software development lifecycle and JIRA or other issue tracking technologies
  • have an interest in sabermetrics and statistical modeling.

What will you do each day?

  • Design and develop new features or maintain existing features in our internal web applications.
  • Squash bugs quickly.
  • Collaborate with Baseball Operations staff to plan new features and ensure requirements are met.
  • Develop walk-throughs for non-technical users to familiarize them with new features.
  • Watch baseball.

Why work for the Brewers?

  • Be a part of a mature development environment with tools that won’t get in your way, including full Atlassian suite of tools, mature CI/CD pipelines, code reviews, and robust pull requests.
  • Work with specific product teams to directly solve stakeholder issues on key baseball problems.
  • Exceptional benefits including:
    • health, vision, and dental coverage at VERY competitive rates.
    • an enhanced 401k where the company contributes even if you don’t!
    • free tickets to baseball games for your friends and family
    • Virtual development opportunities for continued growth
    • Free gym membership for local staff
  • You’ll be working with some of the most innovative people in all of baseball.
  • You are a good teammate and like working with other driven and caring teammates.
  • Your office is in a baseball stadium!

Our Interview Process

  • A 15-20 minute phone call to get to know each other and discuss the position in more detail.
  • A tech screen to give us some insight into how you work.
  • A few small panel interviews (including lunch) to provide opportunities to get to know the team better. You will also meet other members of Baseball Operations you’d be collaborating with.

Please apply at these links

Software Engineer – Scouting: click here.

Software Engineer – High Performance: click here.

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