New Stats Are Now Available at FanGraphs!

We’ve added a handful of new stats to the site. These include the following Statcast stats, which can be found in the Statcast section of the player pages:

  • xwOBA: Expected weighted on-base average
  • xBA: Expected batting average
  • xSLG: Expected slugging percentage

You can read all about the Statcast “x stats” in the MLB glossary: xwOBA, xBA, xSLG.

These all take exit velocity, launch angle, and sprint speed on “topped” or “weakly hit” balls to model what a player’s corresponding wOBA, AVG, or SLG would look like based on the underlying characteristics of the balls in play.

xwOBA, xBA, and xSLG are only available as full season stats. We will also have them available on the leaderboards shortly.

One final note is that we’ve replaced exit velocity (EV) with xwOBA on the standard batter dashboard. Exit velocity is still available in the Statcast section. You can create your own custom dashboards with any stat you like, including these new ones.

We’ve also added some additional plate discipline stats:

  • CSW%: Called + swinging strike percent
  • CStr%: Called strike percent

CSW% is the percentage of pitches that are called strikes and swinging strikes. We already display SwStr% on the site; this update adds called strike percent. You can add SwStr% and CStr% to get CSW%.

You can read more about CSW% in this tutorial by Alex Fast. Our own Ariel Cohen also wrote about it here.

CStr% and CSW% are available on both the player pages and the leaderboards with all the standard filtering options.

A couple of other quick notes about changes to the site:

  • All PITCHf/x sections of the site have been relabeled Statcast. The data remains the same. This also includes any stats that were specially noted as “(pfx).” For instance, on the leaderboards any of the pitch type stats, these are now labeled “(sc).”
  • Age (seasonal age), is now part of the player page dashboard.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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Big Oilmember
2 years ago

Awesome, as usual.

I always find the “averages” option under the advanced tab (for example) to be helpful when comparing a player to the average league performance. Is that a hard thing to integrate across other stat tables?

As an aside, if you’re reading and you aren’t a member yet, please dive in! No better time than the beginning of the season. These guys deserve support.

Jim Hmember
2 years ago
Reply to  Big Oil

The greatness of the stats sections makes the lack of averages in each section even more glaring. Please, Fangraphs, please save us from having to remember anything, like league average IFFB%. My brain is out of memory.

Am I the only one who scrolled like a fool trying to find SwStr% in the far right column before noticing it now had two columns to the right of it? I felt momentarily lost.