Pitch Info Data on FanGraphs!

FanGraphs now has Pitch Info data available throughout the site. For those unfamiliar with Pitch Info data, it is best known as the pitch-type data which powers much of BrooksBaseball.net.

Pitch Info tabs and tables have replaced all PITCHf/x tabs and tables by default. This includes the leaderboards, player pages, game logs, heat maps, and pitch-type splits. All the previous PITCHf/x data is now hidden by default, but you can un-hide it by going to your profile and checking the “Show PITCHf/x Stats?” checkbox. oth PITCHf/x and Pitch Info data will be continue to be updated on a nightly basis. We expect Pitch Info data from the previous night to be loaded by around 10:30 AM ET.

If you have custom dashboards, leaderboards, or links set up to PITCHf/x data, this change will not impact any of that. All PITCHf/x links and PITCHf/x fields in custom leaderboards will continue to work as they always have. You can even combine PITCHf/x and Pitch Info data in the same custom leaderboard.

One navigation change is that the pitch-type split data has been moved under the splits tab.

And here’s some additional information about the adjustments that Pitch Info makes:

“The Pitch Classifications are manually reviewed by Pitch Info using several parameters of each pitch’s trajectory and double-checked against several other sources, such as video evidence (e.g., pitcher grip and catcher signs) and direct communication with on-field personnel (e.g., pitching coaches, catchers, and the pitchers themselves).”

Because the PITCHf/x dataset provides the details of each pitch’s trajectory, we can slightly alter the default values to align better with reality than what is commonly reported. For example, we slightly shift our reported values back to a release distance of 55′ – which more closely reflects the actual release distance of most pitchers – so that release points are more tightly clustered and velocities are slightly increased. We also provide options to visualize pitch movement with gravity added back into the equation or with the effects of air drag removed.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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6 years ago

I’m curious if new site layout has been a success statistically? Has it driven engagement?

6 years ago
Reply to  southie

All but the “top stories” are much harder to find. Content certainly disappears more quickly. IMO it is the mobile-first mistake of less content to simplify the layout.