Reacquaint Yourself Now with LSU Righty Alex Lange’s Curve

Last year in these pages, the author — in an effort to justify his employment — published a pair of posts inviting the public to consider the virtues of LSU freshman Alex Lange’s curveball.

Lange is now an LSU sophomore and has recently recorded his first start of the season for Les Acadiens, during which he posted a 9:3 strikeout-to-walk ratio against 24 batters over 6.2 innings versus the University of Cincinnati (box). What else Lange did was to exhibit the breaking ball which scouts are calling “a good breaking ball” and “fine, yeah, a pretty strong breaking ball, now please stop bothering me, I’m with my kids.”

In any case, the following Betamax footage depicts examples of that same pitch from Lange’s season debut.

Like this footage, in which Lange records his first out of the season by means also of his first curveball of the season, against a Cincinnati batter (right fielder Vince Augustine) who appears to exhibit not no resignation while also swinging his bat:

And like this footage — which, in this case, depicts a strikeout of Cincinnati center fielder Treg Haberkorn, rendered a spectator to the end of his own at-bat, like a man who observes disinterestedly his own beheading:

And like finally this footage, which features not one or two of Lange’s curves, but three of them — which also account for the only three pitches seen by Cincinnati freshman A.J. Bumpass in his first plate appearances against Lange on Saturday:

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Looks a lot like Ben Sheets’s curve. Filthy.


That was my first thought too. Props to anyone who can remember Sheets’ curve in it’s heyday.