Reading Jeff Sullivan to Arquimedes Caminero

First, Jeff Sullivan on Arquimedes Caminero:

If you just look at the .gifs quickly, they look similar. They are similar — nothing here was overhauled. But, in 2015, Caminero has a higher leg lift, and as his leg comes up, he’s more vertical, eliminating last year’s slight hunch. It also appears he’s reduced his drop on his back leg, and as he comes around, he remains more straight-up. Finally, at release, a year ago, Caminero had some tilt toward the first-base side, with his left knee at an awkward angle. This year, there’s less tilt, and less of that angle, with Caminero’s body aiming him toward the catcher, which channels his energy. His arm, hip, and legs are working together, improving his mechanical efficiency. In this way, a simplified delivery can also squeeze more speed out of all the connective bits.

Then, his GIFS.



Finally, Arquimedes Caminero, in response to my reading Jeff Sullivan’s paragraph to him.

“Slowing down to speed it up. Lifting the leg higher, that’s one of the points why my delivery is slower. Staying under control. Everything is combined. Stay taller to get slower. It was very simple. I had that velocity before in Triple-A, but when I came up to the big leagues last year I wasn’t so confident in my fastball, and I was trying throw more strikes than throw for speed. This year, I am just very confident and I’m letting it go. Now I throw the splitter as much as the cutter, they’re not very different, but one is slower and lower and goes to the arm side and the cutter is up here. 89-92 for both. Nothing soft.”

Nothing soft, indeed.

With a phone full of pictures of pitchers' fingers, strange beers, and his two toddler sons, Eno Sarris can be found at the ballpark or a brewery most days. Read him here, writing about the A's or Giants at The Athletic, or about beer at October. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris if you can handle the sandwiches and inanity.

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8 years ago

I’m imagining you reading a bunch of Jeff Sullivan printouts to Caminero as a bedtime story, after tucking him in for the night.

8 years ago
Reply to  Phillies113

When I saw the headline I thought this was a Cistulli post.

Well-Beered Englishman
8 years ago
Reply to  Phillies113

Good night, moon.

Good night, GIFs.

Carson Cistulli
8 years ago

Good night, NotGraphs.

8 years ago

Good night Kluber, and his 18 whiffs.

Banknotes Harper
8 years ago

Who’s ready for some Pounding?

I once posted as Ruben Amaro Jr.
8 years ago

Nothing soft indeed.