Shift Data!

We now have data on Shifts dating back to 2010, courtesy of our friends over at Baseball Info Solutions. All the shift data is now available in the leaderboards, and splits pages.

There are currently four splits available for Shifts and the data includes Balls in Play Only:

Shift – All : This breaks out all shifts, traditional or non-traditional.

No Shift : This breaks out all non-shifted plays.

Shift – Traditional : This breaks out all plays where a traditional shift is employed.

Shift – Non Traditional : This breaks out all plays which would not be considered a traditional shift.

Traditional / Non Traditional shifts are classified as follows by Baseball Info Solutions:

Traditional Shifts:

1) If there are 3 infielders playing on one side of the infield, we consider that a Full Ted Williams Shift.

2) If two players are positioned significantly out of their normal position, we consider that a Partial Ted Williams Shift.

3) If one infielder is playing deep into the outfield (Usually the 2B 10+ feet out into right field), we consider that a Partial Ted Williams Shift. If the 2B is only a few steps into the outfield, that does not count.

Non-traditional shifts are situational shifts not covered under the definition of traditional shifts.

To view which team has employed the shift most frequently, you should look at the pitcher leaderboards by team.

If you look at the batting leaderboards by team, you will see which team has been shifted against the most.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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As if I weren’t unproductive enough at work already…