The FanGraphs Newsletter Is Back!

We are excited to announce that we are re-launching The FanGraphs newsletter! It’s been a while since our last issue was published, but building off the strong foundation set by Emma Baccellieri and Mina Dunn, we hope to once again become a small part of your daily baseball routine.

We all subscribe to a bunch of newsletters, and inevitably, many end up sitting in our inboxes unread, which is why we hope to make this newsletter a little different. It won’t just be a link dump of articles to make you navigate to our site. We want it to be something useful, whether you are a diehard baseball fan, a fantasy player, or someone who simply wants a summary of the latest news.

Each weekday, you will receive an email that highlights the day’s top stories, topics that everyone around baseball is talking about. We will provide you with the latest scores and playoff odds, and note the previous day’s top performers. We will also update you on injuries and roster moves.

For those who scour the web for baseball articles and statistics, we will spotlight what we have recently published and offer tips on useful site features. But we will also link to work from other sites. If there’s an interesting article or research piece, we want you to know about it.

I’ll be writing the newsletter. I’m the co-founder of Fix Content Group, which specializes in creating team-specific newsletters, such as Knicks Film School and Mets Fix. I’ve also written and edited for Beyond the Box Score, Dodgers Way, The Strickland, and a host of other sites.

If you are a FanGraphs Member, you might have already subscribed to the newsletter. If you’re not, or you didn’t, you can subscribe using the widget below. Our first issue will go out later today. We sincerely hope you make us part of your daily baseball routine.



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Jeffrey is the lead writer for the FanGraphs newsletter. He is also the co-founder of Fix Content Group, which specializes in team-specific newsletters, such as Knicks Film School and Mets Fix. You can find him on Twitter @JeffreyBellone.

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FYI, not sure if it’s because I’m using the dark theme, but it’s incredibly difficult to read the widget’s email, name and format fields. Looks like the gray text is too light.