Introducing Our New Writers

A month ago, we put out an open call for applications for a writing position here on FanGraphs. The responses were overwhelming, which is why it took us nearly a month to sort through the hundreds of received resumes and conduct as many interviews as we could. In the end, what was intended to be one open position turned into five new people joining the team, as we simply had too many good candidates to turn away.

If you were one of those who applied, I highly encourage you to keep writing and prove that we missed the boat by not hiring you this time around. The Community Blog is a great place to get noticed, as four of the five people joining the writing staff had previously published work there, and we’ve hired a handful of others directly after noticing their contributions to the Community Blog previously. We’re really excited about the five new people joining our staff, but we know many of you would be great contributors as well, so don’t give up.

With that said, let me briefly introduce the five new writers whose work will be debuting on these pages very soon.

Craig Edwards

If you’re a Cardinals fan, you probably recognize Craig’s name, as he’s most recently served as an editor at Viva El Birdos. He’s also contributed to Vice Sports among other outlets. A lawyer by trade, Craig will bring his perspective both to the game and the sport as a whole.

Twitter handle: @craigjedwards

Owen Watson

An example of how well the Community Blog can get our attention, Owen started contributing Community posts last June, and after four quality articles, he was invited to begin publishing at The Hardball Times. A bay area resident, he’s also written for Athletics Nation. He has a Creative Writing degree from Hampshire College, and will be writing regular features here on the site.

Twitter handle: @ohwatson

Sean Dolinar

Another Community Blog contributor who caught our eye last year, Sean built his own site to house some of the infographics he’s designed, as well as some of the tools he’s created to mine interesting information. As he’s currently working on his Master’s in Predictive Analytics, Sean’s work here on FanGraphs will focus primarily on visuals, creating new graphics which tell useful stories as well as working with the writing staff to make our charts and graphs a bit more friendly to the eye.

Twitter handle: @seandolinar

Chris Mitchell

Another Hardball Times contributor (and Community Blog alumnus), Chris was the man behind the recently revealed KATOH system for prospect valuation and forecasting. While Kiley McDaniel and his team will continue to do excellent work covering the minor leagues, Chris will help cover prospects from an analytical perspective, as well as continuing to work on projects related to prospect valuation. A Fordham graduate with degrees in both mathematics and economics, he currently resides in New York, where he works on economic development.

Twitter handle: @_chris_mitchell

Larry Hayes

A very recent retiree, Larry has immediately become the most veteran member of the writing staff, and will bring a perspective to the site that hasn’t existed previously. As a more senior member of earth, Larry’s work is going to focus on exploring baseball history through the lens of the present day, and bringing the lessons of the past into focus for today’s game. He’s likely going to be something of a unique voice on this site, but I’m excited to see how his perspective complements those who lack his experience.

Twitter handle: @larryjhayes

You’ll start seeing all these names begin to appear on FanGraphs bylines in the near future. We hope you are looking forward to their contributions as much as we are.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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JP Yetman
9 years ago

No women? That’s sexist, where’s Gloria when you need her?

Well-Beered Englishman
9 years ago
Reply to  JP Yetman

It would be very welcome to have women and minority perspectives on this site, but you’re just being an asshole.

9 years ago

Lighten up, Francis. (Sergeant Hulka) Really, anyone so outraged/enraged to minus such an innocuous joke. I mean, there are 186,544 websites out there for you to prove your moral superiority and get the ‘Culture War’ stuff out of your system.

9 years ago
Reply to  Richie

They STILL won’t have sex with you.

I tried for over 10 years.

JP Yetman
9 years ago

Ya I thought the joke was pretty obvious with the call for Gloria Allred. I thought we were dealing with a more sophisticated audience here.

9 years ago
Reply to  JP Yetman

We know it was serious, because there is no sarcasm on the internet. That would be wrong.

matt w
9 years ago
Reply to  JP Yetman

Some would say that making a big joke of the idea that the site should have more women writers is, in fact, being an asshole.

9 years ago
Reply to  JP Yetman

Some would ask what made his joke “big” rather than small, and some would also suggest that not caring about the gender of baseball writers falls somewhere short of ‘being an asshole’. Some would also ask why I’m participating in this Culture War skirmish right here, and boy oh boy would they be right. So I’ll just leave and give you the last potshot.

9 years ago
Reply to  JP Yetman

I’ve evaluated your joke from all possible viewpoints, and have concluded that it’s funny from none of them.