Jack Moore FanGraphs Chat – 5/3/11

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Tigers are better than the Indians eh? How’s that sweep tasting? Do you guys even watch the games? Did you see the lineup that was trotted out by the Tigers vs. the Indians? On Sunday their 1-2-3 ahead of Miguel Cabrera was Will Rhymes, Ramon Santiago and Don Kelly. Yes, THE Don Kelly. With Brantley and Hannahan hitting, the Indians legitimately go 9-deep for their lineup (maybe 8-deep since Orlando Cabrera hasn’t been very good outside of some timely clutch hits). The Tigers have no pitching outside of Verlander and Scherzer and their bullpen has been awful. I’ll agree that the Indians starters have been pitching above their heads but the bullpen is legit and dominant and shows no signs of slowing down.

I don’t understand you guys. If this were any East Coast team you’d be sucking off the numbers that count (WAR, run differential) but because it’s the Indians you point to half-baked stats like preseason FAN Opinion % (whatever the hell that is) for your power rankings and put them at 20th behind the lowly Tigers and Twins.

I used to take your site seriously but your assertions have been terribly flawed and I think that you just can’t admit that after having the Indians 27th in your pre-season rankings, you just won’t admit that they’ve already exceeded your expectations and are a good team.