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7 Responses to “MLBBlackoutMap”

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  1. John G. Brooks says:

    Fox just gets you to watch games you don’t want to watch. I don’t watch anything on FOX, they suck. This is MLB problem they have the product not FOX. I just find a streamer or get the game on radio. They’re not smart enough to know that a Red Sox fan doesn’t just live in New England.

  2. DAN EDWARDS says:

    Are the 2014 Brewer games included in the Direct tv CHOICE package?

  3. Marian j Bryant says:

    My husband got all his games on direct and this young man had us to switch to dish now he doesn’t get any of his games. He’s a big St. Louis cardinal fam , we have tried everything to get them , to no Advil .k it’s so sad he’s has watched them and reruns . He has fox mw on all day long now he can’t get it but we have the icons on TV why

    • steve says:

      if you want to watch your games for free just go to ADTHE and click on the first link unless it takes you straight to the site, just be careful closing the ads their are a lot of pop ups just be careful of wat you close, and its all in hd you just need a fast connection,,,,,, ENJOY

  4. James Schmidt says:

    My family went to see a Red Sox game in St. Louis and in Cincinnati. We used the dvr on NESN to see the replay when we got home. Each time it was blacked out and it switched to the home team stations. We wanted to hear the replay from the Red Sox station. Why follow the Red Sox all season from Indiana and then get it blacked out when one gets a chance to see them play?

  5. rick hughes says:

    The greed of major league baseball owners makes me sick. End the blackouts!

  6. we have the best package that direct t.v can have and I still can not watch my Pittsburgh Pirates and the cubs play . it is blacked out. why do we pay all this money every month??????? This is wrong I want to watch my team play baseball. not a blackout and that your sorry!!!!!!!!!! really really wrong to the people that pay you all this money each month!!!!!!!! I think it’s time for my husband and I to look for another service. i’m mad that you took off game lounge keep it on and make it free.I am really upset about this.

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