New Boxscores on FanGraphs

Our boxscores just got a major overhaul after being neglected for several years! Here’s what’s new:

– The Game Graphs, Play Log, and Box Score sections were merged into one single page.

– Almost every FanGraphs stat is available in the boxscore both on the individual player level and team total level. Every stat comes in its own familiar section, just as they’re laid out on the player pages and leaderboards.

– Each section is fully sortable with much improved sorting performance.

– Each stat can be hovered over for a tooltip style quick definition.

– Stars of the Game voting and viewing can be conducted on the boxscore page. Please remember to vote!

All the new boxscores are available for both live games and any game dating back to 1974.

Big thanks to Amazin’ Avenue for thoroughly trashing our previous boxscore layout.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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Mike L
13 years ago

These are glorious. And to think I didn’t even realize these boxscores had existed on Fangraphs. Great work, guys.