New FanGraphs & Effectively Wild Merch Is Now Available at BreakingT!

We’re pleased to announced that we’ve launched a whole bunch of new FanGraphs and Effectively Wild merchandise in partnership with BreakingT.

There are three new Effectively Wild shirts, all designed by Luke Hooper. These include a new take on the Effectively Wild logo, a Stat Blast shirt (complete with song lyrics on the back), and the much requested “How Can You Not Be Pedantic About Baseball?” shirt.

We’ve also got brand new FanGraphs merch: Our very first green t-shirt, a throwback to our original logo in black, and a crew-neck sweatshirt with some classic lettering.

These are all available to order now, so get yours today!

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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8 months ago

Bought one of those Pedantic shirts as soon as I got the email. Thanks!!