New Site Feature: Cy Young Award Projections!

We’ve added a new tool that allows you to see who is projected to win the Cy Young Award.

These Cy Young Projections utilize a simple model created by Tangotiger. The original Cy Young Points model has predicted the top two vote getters with high accuracy through 2020. The FIP Adjusted model may be a better predictor of more recent voting behavior.

Along with current season stats (featuring FIP, WAR, and RA9-WAR), you can also use the top nav bar to toggle over to any of the in-season projection systems we carry to show a player’s projected end-of-season stats.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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8 months ago

I was just thinking about the Tangotiger Cy Young projector the other day, when reading the article on Spencer Strider. I’m actually not surprised Strider is leading this ranking right now.

Thanks David!

8 months ago
Reply to  tz

Strider is leading the FIP version at least! Snell being ahead in ERA by more than a full run must be enough to outweigh the Ks and Ws.

Doug Lampertmember
8 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy

It looks to me like Strider is leading in projected FIB based points. Justin Steele appears to have it based on current FIP based points.

chuck e
8 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy

Strider has pitched 4 more innings than Snell and allowed >50% more runs! (68 vs 45)