Offseason Notes: Featuring All Manner of Wisdom

You can’t tell me nothing.

This edition of Offseason Notes contains:

1. Some headlines from around the internet.
2. Some joy-sodden notes on those headlines.


3. Two swear words.

Some Headlines
Important New Stat: FAWARP
Dan Moore of Viva El Birdos is (a) a genius and (b) the progenitor of a new stat, known as Fun-ness Above Wins Above A Replacement Player (FAWARP, for short). In this article, you will find (a) prescient commentary on the Bore Fest that is second baseman Skip Schumaker, (b) a reference to a totally not-made-up and very-peer-reviewed journal called Small Sample Size, and (c) like seven jokes about stat acronyms that begin with lower-case letters.

Angels Prospects Not Not Ranked
Ryan Ghan of Halos Heaven discusses his prospect not-rankings with Sam Miller of the Orange County Reguster. The former says some interesting things about the way that the Angels minor league parks might be hindering prospect development.

Fringe Prospect Celebrated!
SCOUT leaderboard fixture, Tampa prospect Alexander Cobb, is the subject of a post over at D Rays Bay or DRaysBays or D-Rays Bay or however you spell it. Cobb has been impressive in the Arizona Fall League despite what is considered a pretty medium-ish arsenal of pitches.

Person in Cleveland: “Play Chisenhall!”
A reader of has suggested that, instead of looking elsewhere for third basemen, the Indians might consider just frigging playing Lonnie Chisenhall. This idea is totally amenable to us here at Offseason Notes Headquarters, on account of we witnessed Chisenhall in the flesh — a way less gross sentiment than it appears initially.

This video has two swears in it.

Response to a Totally Reasonable Request
Some readers asked yesterday if it might be possible to include the respective organizations of the players on the SCOUT batting and pitching leaderboards.

On the one hand, the request is totally reasonable, and was asked in the most reasonable of tones. On the other, I haven’t yet devised a way by which said organizational names could appear on the leaderboard except to be entered by hand. The thing is, that means doing it every day — which, that means effort.

Kanye West was not wrong when he quothed, “When you try hard, you die hard.”

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Can you please not quote any more posts? All Cleveland fans ever do is whine about not spending $200 million a year to put a Hall of Famer at each position.