Pending Options: Second Basemen

Mark Ellis, Oakland
Option: $6M Buyout: $0.5M

After a disappointing 2009, Ellis bounced back in a big way; increasing his WAR by two while only racking up an additional 82 plate appearances. When Ellis originally signed the extension, he became the point o dissension amongst the community for not testing the market. The deal appeared to be of the sweetheart variety. It still is, as even Ellis’ down season racked up a value of $5.4 million. If Ellis were to replicate that value (in dollars) in 2011, he would essentially pay for himself, as the buyout guarantees he’ll receive half a million whether he’s in Oakland (likely) or elsewhere.

Jose Lopez, Seattle
Option: $4.5M Buyout: $0.25M

One could categorize Lopez as a third baseman, since that is where he played last season, but for now let’s call him a second baseman. Lopez will be a quarter of a million richer as he hits the free agent market unless Jack Zduriencik somehow creates a sucker rally. The 2010 season may represent a disaster in Lopez’s career, but he’s probably headed for a utility role given his history of relative success. Lopez will only be 27 and getting away from Safeco should help his raw numbers immediately. He’s never going to take a lot of walks but his ability to hit for pop and adequately play two premium defensive positions shouldn’t be overlooked.

Omar Infante, Atlanta
Option: $2.5M Buyout: $0.25M

Infante was more than worth the money over the last two seasons alone, but this season cemented his return. Presumably Infante will return to his super sub role, although some of that is dependent on what occurs with Chipper Jones and what steps – if necessary – the Braves take to replace the legend.

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Sean D.
12 years ago

Jose Lopez? As a Padre? I think I’m gonna be sick. The idea alone is making me go into convulsions. It must be the sub .300 OBP combined with Petco combined with memories of Kevin Kouzmanoff.

12 years ago
Reply to  Sean D.

That says “Pending” not “Padres”